2019 True Rad Girl Runway

2019 True Rad Girl Runway

Silent Arrow stands for freedom; freedom of expression and freedom of choice. We are sexy, because we are strong and we are brave. We embody confidence because we know who we are. On the 20th of September 2019, we featured a collection of rad women and non-binary babes strutting their stuff on the runway, saying FU to outdated ideas of femininity.

This event was about more than showing off our lingerie - it honoured body positivity and centred a diverse range of female-identifying people as sexy and worthy of taking up space on one of fashion’s last strongholds of tradition: the runway. We know how very rare it is to see larger bodies, body hair, breastfeeding mothers, women of colour and gender diverse femme bodies on a runway but we refused to give into the status quo! Our runway models are not models at all, but everyday women that we hope many of our community will see part of themselves in.

There was cellulite, there were stretch marks and there was some damn fine, sustainable and ethical lingerie.

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The event was made possible by the generous contributions of our sponsors:

🖤 Venue at @thelocaltaphousesk
🖤 Alcohol by @younghenrys
🖤 Jewellery by @lemonjewellery
🖤 Flowers by @luna_moss
🖤 Tattoos by @sharonmakesthings
🖤 Makeup by @oneeleven.makeup
🖤 Hair by @thedosalon / @leahwade.hair
🖤 Goodie bags from @floozycoffee @rooftopbees @orendamagau @rollabae @forbiddenfoods

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