F-YES!! Custom Bras Are Here!!!

F-YES!! Custom Bras Are Here!!!

We have had so many requests for more sizes that we *finally* started custom sizing. YASS!!!

While unfortunately we can’t do every size we’d like to yet, it does mean we can offer lots of extra sizes. If you are larger busted (D-E) with a small back size (6-10) this is particularly good!!! Because we can now offer sizes:

6DD, 6E, 8D, 8DD, 10DD, 10E

When you go into the bra page you love you will see pink boxes on the screen; these are the sizes we can adjust to order. Your alteration will take up to a week, but will be perfect for you!

These are fashion bras for girls that usually miss out, but stay tuned for our actual BUSTED range which will be larger cup bras that are specially engineered to be super supportive.

What’s this gonna cost you? Zero, babe!!! We offer this as a free service to be able to offer more sizing.


If you’ve had a bra customised already, we’d love to hear your feedback and see you rocking it. Either send a rad pic to hey@wearesilentarrow.com or tag us (@wearesilentarrow) on Instagram.

Check out #TrueRadGirls @Arachnie & @__babyalien rocking their custom bras



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