Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day


"Feminism. It’s a word that a lot of us love, or that some of us hate for the sole purpose of not wanting to be seen in “that light.” It’s incredible how many discussions I’ve had with females of varied age groups, and how many have mentioned to me that they refuse to associate with this term. Why? Because the negative stigma that’s attached to it, of course. But ladies (and gentlemen), at the root of it all, feminism is about equal rights for all. It’s not about growing out or waxing your body hair, it’s not about burning your bra. It’s about living your authentic truth and doing so in a way that you don’t feel the need to have to justify who you are. That’s feminism.

Feminism is about unity, a sisterhood. A sisterhood in a world where we’re always told that we’ll never be as capable. A sisterhood in a world that tells us to not attract the wrong sort of attention. A sisterhood that is happy to sexually vilify us for their own amusement. That’s feminism. 

It’s exhausting and disempowering, but that’s what 5,000 years of the patriarchy will do to us. And thus, with being a female comes all other factors associated; being made to feel constantly aware of your surroundings so as to not run into any danger (or have any danger find you). To walk to your car with the key in between your index and middle finger…you know, just in case. To deny a male that is “hitting on you”, and tell him so many times that you’re not interested, only to end up telling him that you have a boyfriend so that he can finally take a hint. But, of course—the only way you’re going to stop harassing me is if I tell you that I am the property of another man. Heaven forbid I don’t want you, I must be playing hard to get. 

This world will tear us down. Make us feel that we’re not enough. But we are—each and every one of us. We should be celebrating ourselves and each other every day, but on this day—International Women’s Day 2019—I implore each and every one of you to show yourself that love, however that may be. Remember the sisterhood that unites us. Remember that we are all in this together. Remember that the world is already a shit enough place as it is, so let’s uplift ourselves and each other. Always."

Words by Simone Ziada

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