How To Be A Good Friend To A New Mama

How To Be A Good Friend To A New Mama

Unfortunately, we as women are taught to ‘always be ok’ and support others over ourselves. Selflessness is a virtue but when it becomes an expectation, girl we have a problem!

Women do this (often unknowingly) to each other too and new mums can easily be caught in the trap of supporting not only their baby but everyone around them. We want to encourage all our true rad girls to be extra conscious around new mums and find ways to support them where possible!

Introducing: How To Be A Good Friend To A New Mama!

We’ve taken experiences from our founder and original rad girl (and mama) Kelly, as well as from some of the mums we work with, to find some real ways to help out those who’ve just bought a whole new human into the world.


Never stay for more than 30 minutes, she looks great and, hey, she’s not busy….ahhh yes she is. And she is actually exhausted.

Never turn up empty handed! A good idea is to bring snacks that can be eaten cold from the fridge at 3am, especially high protein items. I know this is a hard one, ideas are:

  • Hard boiled eggs

  • Zucchini slice

  • Nuts

  • Protein bars

  • If she eats meat, crumbed cooked chicken tenders

  • Smoothie ingredients (I add almonds too for extra protein!)

  • Chocolate

  • Hummus and carrot sticks

  • Fruit
Other ideas:
  • Bolognese – beef or lentil – great for a family, if you can manage it do a batch and then put in individual freezer containers
  • All freezable meals! Curry, stew, soup
  • If they have other children, snacks for them to feel loved too is a great idea, I do choc chip cookies.
  • Nice quality bread and milk – essentials are tricky to stay on top of


You can text but always end with – no need to reply I know you’re busy!

Make a sign for door – “don’t knock, call this number” – no mama needs a salesman waking up her baby!

If she has other children take them to the park! They most likely have had binge levels of ABC kids and she will love you for it.

Offer To Clean

Sitting breastfeeding for 8 hours a day looking at mess all around you is really awful, a clean environment helps so much.

Ask what she wants:

  • Vacuum
  • Wipe down surfaces
  • Change the sheets
  • Hold the baby whilst she naps
Make sure she has a feeding station set up – everything within reach!
  • Remote control
  • Books/magazines
  • Large, easy to grab bottle of water
  • Mobile phone
  • Lots of pillows for her lower back and arms – a baby is light, but if you hold them in the same position for a long time leading over to feed, you will get a super sore neck

And if you’re still unsure, why not send her this gift card? She can tick which box would help her out the most!

the gift card every new mama really wants

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