A letter from Kelly

A letter from Kelly

Hey lovely friends

So what is happening with Silent Arrow? And why the sale?

I’ll tell you.

I have learnt SO much over the past three and half years creating Silent Arrow, about you, about business and who I am as a woman.

I’ve also looked a lot at my values and how I am showing up in the world. Because of this it is time for me to transition Silent Arrow into a new model that fits even more with our eco values, our values of diversity and inclusion and how we can have a positive impact in the world.

I still feel very strongly about Silent Arrow’s mission as a brand - to give women a platform of expression, to show us in all of our diverse and unique ways, for women to own the images of themselves proudly rather than be fucking decorative or ashamed. We operate in a society that has taught us to think, look and act a certain way and often as women we don’t even understand the effects that we carry ourselves, let alone break free of it.

When I started Silent Arrow all the images of lingerie were of size 8 models, twenty years old, eyes downcast and demure. She was sometimes allowed to look sexy, but of course in a non-threatening way. I’m happy there have been a lot of changes - not enough, but definitely the landscape has changed. And I’m proud we were part of that change.

A Silent Arrow woman is a force. I have met many of you over the years and felt so incredibly lucky and humbled that we are part of the same community.
Thank you being part of it with me. Thanks for hanging out with me online and at events. Thanks for the photos you shared and for all the DMs. I feel so honoured and lucky to know you.

So what’s next?

I am working on a more simplified environmentally focused range. I have worked in lingerie for 20 years and take research and development very seriously. I have had some of you trial initial product for feedback and sizing fit. Soon I’ll start sharing the development with you and would really value your feedback.
I would love to make this move together.

Love Kelly

Founder & Designer


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  • Kim Marks

    I just want to say that I am very excited to see your new vision. The Fuck You underpants are seriously the only undies I have ever bought which are seriously comfy AND I feel sexy in, and I fucking love the black gusset. Such a simple, genius move.

    I hope you can find space in your new range for something similar.

    But if not, I’m sure it will be equally rad, and I can’t wait to see what you have come up with!

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