Something To Soak Up: The Tampon Tax.

Something To Soak Up: The Tampon Tax.

It’s that time of the month and we’re seriously feeling that fire in our bellies. Because you know what’s worse than having your period? Paying to have your period. We would 100% rather spend that extra dough on chocolate, a cute pair of knickers – and maybe some naprogesic.


ICYMI, you’re being taxed on tampons, pads and liners (“sanitary products”, if you will). We agree that the tampon tax is total BS, but as long as those lil’ soakers are classified as luxury items, they’ll fall under the national GST, adding an extra 10% to their price.

So what’s the deal? It’s 2018 and we’re still buying pads, tampons, liners and anything in between under the taxable guise of a ‘luxury’. Seriously: if we’re buying a so-called luxury item, there is no way in hell we’re letting it get blood-soaked! Take condoms, for example: they’re classified as GST-free essential health products, and we all know they can provide a whole lot more fun.

We like the way Richard Choong, President of the Australian Medical Association WA, phrased it: “To consider something a luxury, there has to be a more basic alternative; there is none in this case, so I’m very happy to say that women’s sanitary products are not luxury items and should not have GST paid on them.”

Somehow the words of Choong, an endless list of educated health practitioners, and pretty much every woman ever (can’t forget that rad bunch!) haven’t shifted the mindset of the Australian government just yet, which shows super clear and disappointing inconsistencies in how reproductive health and sanitation is valued between genders. But – there’s always a peachy but – last month Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison (now known as Prime Minister Scott Morrison) stated the following in relation to the tampon tax and the no-brainer idea to cut it; “I can see it is a source of frustration and angst. Here’s a straightforward practical opportunity to deal with it once and for all”, so he seems to be on our side for now.

Our thoughts on the matter? If you can show us the “basic alternative”, then we can talk, but right now we’ve got our fingers crossed that the new PM is able to act on his words, stat. In the mean time, we’re loving the killer environmentally and body-friendly alternatives on the market, such as menstrual cups (current faves include LunetteTulip Cup and JuJu), reusable cloth pads (hannahpad and Glad Rags are super easy to use) and period-proof underwear (we’re totally obsessed with THINXModibodi and Panty Prop).

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