Warrior Mamas Normalising Postpartum Bodies with Silent Arrow

Warrior Mamas Normalising Postpartum Bodies with Silent Arrow

It’s not always neat bellies and perfect breastfeeding moments. Sometimes, it’s the realisation that your body isn’t going to bounce back and your baby doesn’t want to latch.


• Why do we only see neat little 6-month pregnant bumps, then a happy mum holding her baby fully dressed?
• Why do we not know what a postpartum body even looks like?
• Why have most women never seen a body post birth until they have their own baby?

Unfortunately, a lot feel shame when they see their refection, particularly once they’re past the initial 2 months.  The women in this video share their bodies and their mixed emotions to help the next woman. To normalise a postpartum body and to prepare other women that might become mums too. As a community we owe them a lot, I applaud their bravery in breaking the silence of this subject and giving so freely to help the next woman and to stand up and show the world their beauty.

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