We Answer The Lingerie Questions Everyone's Had, But No One's Asked.

We Answer The Lingerie Questions Everyone's Had, But No One's Asked.

It's about time someone asked these lingerie questions aloud... so we thought we'd do the honours and answer them too. Time to spill the T, babe:

  1. Real talk... how often am I supposed to wash my bras?

    Correct us if we’re wrong, but when it comes to bras, most of us are guilty of waiting that little bit too long between washes. Most of the time, they don’t *feel* as dirty as your fave white tee or slinky summer frock do, so it can be hard to draw the line. So here’s the deal, plain and simple: - Sport & maternity bras, you’re gonna want to wash these after every wear (ain’t nobody got time for soaked up sweat or milk). - Your standard everydayer? Every 2-3 wears should do the trick. Be super careful of over washing, girl – this may cause a loss of elasticity or fabric deterioration which is totally not on our radar. Lingerie will last longer if you wash it by hand, or inside a laundry bag on a cold, gentle cycle. And don’t even think about tumble drying!

  2. How long do I keep my undies for? Is it gross if I’ve had them for a couple years?

    The Good Housekeeping Institute Guidelines say that we should be replacing our knicker collection yearly… but we think this is a little excessive, especially for those special occasion knickers you might only wear a handful of times. Fast fashion is wasteful enough, so here’s what we think: if they have a hole, stains, have stretched/changed shape, give you major wedgies, smell a little or you never wear them, ditch em’! But if they’re in killer condition and make you feel hot AF – hold on to them and give them the love they deserve!

  3. Is it fine if I wear the same bra every day?

    We get it. You found your holy grail. Your go-to. The Bonnie to your Clyde. But do your fave a favour and let her breathe! Just like you, your bras need time to chill out and recharge. Rotate your bras on the reg (we recommend daily) to help the elastic retract and regain its strength – it’s gotta serve you with ultimate support and fit, right!? While we can’t get enough, as a rule of thumb you should have an absolute minimum of three everyday bras: the one you’re wearing, the one in the wash, and the one you’ll rock tomorrow.

  4. Does a bra have to have underwire to be supportive?

    This is a myth that needs to be busted, stat. Sometimes the most supportive bras are the ones without.  You read that right! If you’re getting active, compression is key: so the way a wired bra lifts and separates won’t be quite right if you’re looking for high impact support. Some true rad girls are a little sensitive to wiring too, so there’s no need to push it if you just don’t vibe the wire. If this sounds like you, meet I'm Down With It. If you love the lifted, rounded shape that wires offer – and find them comfy as hell – take a squiz at this and this.

  5. Is it normal to wear several different bra sizes?

    We couldn’t give a bigger YES to this if we tried. From the outside, in, it makes almost no sense, but there’s major crossover when it comes to bra sizes. In the lingerie world, we refer to this as a Sister Size. It’s a pretty big deal, so we laid out all the deets for you here.
Have a burning question you never asked aloud? Don’t stay silent, we wanna hear it loud and clear! Drop us a comment below x  

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