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Discover the first colour collection by Silent Arrow

New year, new rules: babe, we’re changing shit up!

We reviewed our designs and came to the conclusion that we’ve been a little… safe. Which is totally not on considering we aim to be anything but!

Truth be told, we’ve never strayed from the old faithful: black. Like, ever. Every bra, every knicker, every damn bikini: BLACK. No shade, no tea – it’ll always be our go-to – but where’s the harm in a splash of colour?

Colour is striking, emotive, powerful and bold as hell: just like you. So the time came to make our selections, and colour just made sense. Tbh, you've been asking for it too 😉

Guuurllll, meet So Down (Emerald, Amber & Black), Royal (Emerald - avail in Feb) and Dreamin' (Blue); the hot as hell pops of colour your knicker draw has been vying for. 

Cool, calm and creative AF.

A soon as the first samples of the drop landed on our desks, we were hella inspired. We wanted more, and we knew there were creative queens out there that could DELIVER (and damn well at that). 

Naturally, we reached out to Louisa Cannell, Charlotte Allingham, Sophie Rose Brampton and Cindy Nelson: four freakin talented digitial creatives that we'd been admiring on the 'gram, BIG TIME! We challenged each babe to give us their take on our newest pieces - the brief was simple: use colours that inspire you, illustrate empowered women, and make our new pieces POP. In return, we promised equal pay and CREDIT where it's due (seems like a no-brainer, but to soooo many, it's not).

And omg babe, we couldn't be happier with the results. Like, at all. Keep scrolling to lay your eyes on these beauties 😍

Louisa Cannell

Busted Dreamin' - Blue


Charlotte allingham

So down - Green


Sophie Rose Brampton

So Down - Amber


Cindy Nelson

Busted Royal - Emerald