The first recycled collection from Silent Arrow.


We took a good look at the fashion industry, crunched the numbers, and gurllll, our jaws DROPPED. Swallow this pill: fashion is one of the largest polluters in the WORLD, close to oil. Babe, that’s some dirty stuff.

Time to Step the Fuck Up.

Fashion waste is a bitch and a half, and it was about time we became accountable. So what did we do? We created F.U. TOO! – a killer collection made with 100% recycled nylon microfibre. Our first (but def not our last) step into the world of recycled fashion. F.U., fashion waste!

A Fashion First:

100% Recycled Nylon Microfibre

The Nylon.

The super soft + cooling Nylon of F.U. TOO! is regenerated from 100% pre-consumer waste – meaning that instead of adding to landfill and destroying our oceans, the bits, bobs and scraps from some of your fave fashion brands are melted down and fed back into production cycles. And boom, out comes F.U. TOO!. It’s so damn good, not even the slightest bit of quality is lost.

Traditional nylon (+ other synthetic materials) takes literally centuries to biodegrade – and when it does, it releases nasty AF chemicals like formaldehyde, BPA and heavy metals (not the rocker kind) into the environment. So like, you wear it a couple times and it trashes our environment for the rest of eternity. SO lame.

Instead of letting this happen, we're giving new life to these materials, creating bold, comfy pieces, just for you.

It doesn’t end there, babe... We have (many) more fucks to give.

F.U. to… the glass ceiling

F.U. to… sexual assault

F.U. to… the pay gap