With every item purchased from the Silent Arrow range*, we are able to donate a pair of iconic cotton undies to a woman in need.

How many can YOU donate?

Anyone, at any time, can find themselves in trouble and in need of support.
Undies seem like such a basic item, but they are incredibly essential and out of reach for many women.
Our customers are strong and brave and love supporting other strong and brave women in need.
From one sister to another.

What are these iconic undies you are donating?

We make the undies from soft and stretchy cotton/elastane fabric. This means the fit is generous and comfy with a great shape and no riding at the bottom. They have a pretty loopy edge and a small bow. They are in women’s favourite brief colour, black. After all, you’d want your gift to be awesome!

Who will receive them?

Women’s shelters – women that have left domestic abuse often leave with nothing but the clothing on their back due to their dangerous situation. Sadly, this means they have to start from scratch.

Homeless women – who are living in very precarious situations and do not have the money to buy basics, like underwear.

Foster teenage girls – who unfortunately have, on average, moved foster care at least 6 times. There is often no continuity in care, so there is no-one to ensure they have the basics they need.

If you are a charity, or if you have a favourite charity that you think we should partner with, please contact us to be added to our list for women in need.

*excludes sale items under $20